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The Lowest Temperatures Demand the Highest-Quality Meter

The Lowest Temperatures Demand the Highest-Quality MeterThe quality and reputation of Landis+Gyr’s meters resonates globally, reaching even into the far corners of northeast China. There our company has been working with a local utility for more than 12 years and our name and reputation for high quality secured a contract for grid meters. Only the best would do.

The province of Heilongjiang is in the northeast of China where temperatures in winter get down to –40 to –50 degrees Celsius / –40 to –58 Fahrenheit. To withstand such temperatures the quality of grid meters has to be beyond compare. The quality of Landis+Gyr, well known throughout China, won this contract which had such exacting demands.

“Without the quality inherent in our meters we would not have won this contract,” says Joe Imfeld, Deputy General Manager Product Marketing of Landis+Gyr China. “The client understood that our meters have a long life and are extremely reliable. This was of utmost importance for this customer not only because of the weather elements, but also because Heilongjiang province is extremely large.”

Heilongjiang is about the same size as California and two-thirds the size of France. Imfeld explains that because the province is so large, any meter that goes into the field has to have the highest reliability simply because of the amount of time it would take for technicians to get to any faulty meter. By ensuring that the meters require minimum maintenance the utility immediately saves money. Imfeld explains that this win is very significant, and highlights the quality of our grid meters. “There is no doubt that locally produced products are preferred in China. The fact that we are selling ours to Chinese power companies shows that they truly appreciate the quality of our products.” He goes on to explain that it is normal in China (as it is normal in any country) that locally produced products are favored.

However, quality was not the only reason for winning this contract. Landis+Gyr China did its part in order to secure this deal. A year ago Landis+Gyr took the proactive step of employing a local salesman in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang, to focus purely on sales to the locals, making sure that Landis+Gyr was meeting exactly the desires, wants and needs of our customer. This is all part of the Company’s overarching policy of “be global, act local.” It was also this intense local servicing that contributed to the success of this project with the Heilongjiang Power Company. “Our focus on local issues really builds trust and confidence with our customers,” he says. “Although we are a large global company, it is extremely important to have a local relationship, especially in China.”

Imfeld further states that although the current market focus is on metering systems, a sale of this nature highlights how good business can still be attained through good projects that focus on high quality. “The customer purchased the concentrators from a competitor and the system’s software from yet a third company. Even so this was a good deal for us and for the customer. Especially in China there is very good business in stand-alone meter products.” Imfeld is confident that Landis+Gyr will continue to lead the way in the extremely important segment of grid metering for years to come in China. Not only is this important for Landis+Gyr but also for utilities everywhere.

And it demonstrates that no matter where our customers are, or what their conditions are, we will be there with the best-quality products to fulfill their needs exactly.

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