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We look for people with the skills to design innovative solutions for moving the industry forward. And it’s not just creative engineers we look for – we want employees who are prepared to challenge conventional processes across our organisation, from office administration to operations. Our team likes to challenge covnebtional thinking and is not afraid to propose new ways of working.


We want our staff to proactively assist each other – not just work their own small piece of the puzzle. They must be team players who communicate well and develop productive working relationships with people from all walks of life. After all, our employees need to work with team members on the other side of their office – and the other side of the world.


We also want people who keep their promises, despite the obstacles that arise along the way. People who can work smart as well as hard, managing their time effectively to get everything done. And people who take ownership of their work, holding themselves accountable for completing projects to agreed standards.


Landis+Gyr aims to be the trusted adviser that all our customers rely on. So we need people who can listen actively to customers’ needs and respond promptly to their concerns. People who go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied, such as by tailoring novel solutions or suggesting value-added services. And people who can build long-term partnerships with customers, built on ethics and professionalism.


Our hardware solutions must work flawlessly from day one. That means we need to meet exacting standards in our design, manufacturing, delivery and service – each ingredient we work with must have zero defects throughout its entire lifecycle. For that reason, all our staff must be passionate about quality, seeking perfection in every product.