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Electricity Meters

Landis+Gyr E860

The latest addition to our Landis+Gyr grid metering family is our flagship E860 electricity meter. The product provides high-precision electricity metering capabilities designed for power plants, photovoltaics, on-shore and off-shore wind farms, transmission networks, substations, railway infrastructure and grid-connected commercial and industrial consumers. Lue lisää



Product packs significant number of value-added features for traditional metering and billing applications, such as unparalleled accuracy for active and reactive energy measurement, extensive memory capacity and computing power for data collection and processing at the edge, robust auxiliary power supply, as well as ease of use diagnostics and installation via modern connectivity solutions and high-resolution dot-matrix display. The stability and reliability of the product platform ensures low total cost of ownership, whist putting customers’ minds at ease.

​In addition to the above-mentioned, device encapsulates advanced AMI features such as HLS, which ensures security and authenticity of the data, and RBAC for easy and logical controls over the user access and operational permissions. Meter enables future functional expansion via remote firmware upgradeability and includes advanced power quality measurements enabling gird diagnostics, fault prevention and better investment planning insight.

​Meter comes with additional extension modules (E86E) for local connectivity expansion, as well as communication modules (E66C) supporting different remote communication interfaces (e.g.: Serial, Cellular and Ethernet), whist providing multi-protocol support, conversion and synthesising capabilities.

​The E860 grid meter is available in two main variants:

  • E860 f6 – wall mounted
  • E860 f9 – rack mounted
  • Highest precision measurement of active 0.1S and reactive 0.5S energy
  • Integrated period of measurement 100ms, with subintervals of 20ms
  • High measurement stability even in difficult installation environments
  • Very large memory capacity for data collection and processing at the edge
  • Improved local readability and installation via dot-matrix display
  • Packs advanced AMI features, such as HLS, RBAC, remote firmware upgrade and others
  • Contains advanced power quality features, including waveform capture
  • Includes new time synchronization capabilities (IRIG-B, PTP, SNTP, NTP)
  • Supports IEC 62056 DLMS-COSEM, IEC 61158 Modbus, IEC 60780-5-104 SCADA, IEC 61850 and other grid protocols
  • Comes with E86E extension modules for additional local connectivity options (pulse outputs, control inputs/outputs, relays)
  • Comes with E66C communication modules enabling RS-485, Cellular as well as Ethernet connectivity
  • E860 f6 – wall mounted
  • E860 f9 – rack mounted
  • Available with easy-to-use E86E extension modules
  • Available with easy-to-use and highly configurable E66C portfolio of communication modules
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