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L540 G3-PLC Control Switch

Landis+Gyr L540 is a G3-PLC Control Switch for Demand Side Flexibility applications to optimize the distribution network infrastructure and energy usage. The device is an integrated part of the Landis+Gyr Gridstream solution suite for smart metering and distribution grid management. Lue lisää



Based on Landis+Gyr’s longstanding expertise as a leading supplier of load and flexibility management solutions, the L540 is easy to install and offers high configuration flexibility due to free allocation of control applications to the individual relays.

Together with AIM/HES and GridFlex Control applications, the L540 control switch offers a modern and comprehensive alternative to ripple control systems and receivers for current and future use cases such as:

  • Control of loads such as boilers, heat pumps, ventilation, air conditioning, direct storage heating etc. for congestion management or influencing the load curve
  • Integration of electromobility, renewable energy sources and battery storage solutions
  • Self-consumption optimization for prosumers and self-consumption communities (EVG)
  • Control of street lighting
  • 4 x 16 A make contacts, 1 x digital AC input
  • Integrated G3-PLC communication incl. repeater function
  • Autonomous annual time switch incl. special days and summer/winter time changeover
  • Astronomical calendar for lighting applications
  • Supercapacitor-buffered backup clock with 7 days power reserve
  • Remote relay control via G3-PLC for spontaneous events
  • Relay control based on local over/under voltage events and digital input
  • Programmable relay position for power-down and power-up
  • Random delays
  • Relay monitoring and tamper detection
  • Push of status information (e.g. state of digital input, over/under voltage events)
  • Role-based access security
  • Remote firmware update
  • Eurooppa, Lähi-itä ja Afrikka